Amused Clothing

Here at Amused, we sell only the finest men's & women's clothing, specializing in Vintage threads.
We have plenty of accessories including imported tapestries, over 300 "flavors" of incense, letterpress posters and custom art to keep your dorm or apartment cozy too. If you want to shop online you've got to go to our Etsy shop.

Skate Shop

We are the areas only locally owned skate shop. We are a full service shop and sell completes, longboards, parts and accessories.

Smoke & Vape Shop

Amused is West Lafayette's original smoke shop. Check out our CBD Oil, Vape pens, hookahs, oil rigs, bubblers, water pipes, grinders, dabbers, wraps, papers and more, we have everything to keep you puffing for weeeks to come.

We have two locations, one on either side of the mighty Wabash river.
If you check in on facebook we'll give you 15% off, just show an employee your phone when you are checking out. Like us on facebook for an added bonus!

For open hours and phone numbers go here. For locations go here.